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Lake Wylie Lutheran Church
Mission Statement of the Unite Ministry Team
The mission of the Unite Ministry Team is to help bridge “Ethnic” divisions within our local community and culture at large through intentional collaboration with fellow Christian groups. We believe that through our Christian beliefs and heritage we are United as One race, the “Human” race, and that within this Christian Unity “It is Finished” by the saving blood of Jesus!
  1. Elevate awareness and understanding of the dividing issues between ethnic groups within our Christian circles and intentionally provide educational opportunities for those moved to seek further understanding.
  2. Seek out local Christian churches of different ethnicity to partner with LWLC towards advancing this mission.
    1. The platform for a congregational partnership would include:
      1. Uniting in Language: Understanding the dividing issues and come to a common language surrounding defined topics.
      2. Uniting in Service: Work together in fellowship and service in the name of Christ for the Kingdom.
      3. Uniting in Change: With God’s direction, partner together for positive change in hearts and minds through biblical transformation.  
  3. Enhance additional community building cross congregational activities over time (e.g., joint worship services and fellowship events, shared Bible Studies or small groups, and other possibilities as inspired by God).  
  4. Springboard these efforts intentionally to a broader Christian audience (expand connectivity to more local/regional congregations or simply connecting to larger Christian groups of diverse ethnicities)
United in prayer… Submitted to the scriptures… Under the authority ordained by God… For his good and his glory.
Unite Ministry Team (current): Charlene Stadnyck (Chair), Ismail Twininge, Bonnie Heinig, and Jeff Chamberlain

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