Preschool Information

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Lake Wylie Lutheran Preschool Information

Our telephone number: 803-548-5504

Teaching God's Children in a Faith-Based Learning Environment

Registration for 2023-24 School Year will open to the public on January 17th

Tours may be scheduled Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am

Our Preschool Philosophy

We believe in the well-being of children.

We believe that the early years of childhood are vitally important in the development of a child's growth.

We believe that children develop and learn at different rates and we encourage exploration and creativity within the boundaries that must exist in order to provide safety and security in a child development center.

Statement of Goals

We seek to provide a nurturing, age appropriate environment that will help to the the foundation each child will continue to build on as he/she grows.

Our goal is to design a program that meets the needs of the total child, and encourages, growth mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.

Our desire is to develop happy, well rounded students with good self-esteem.

Our curriculum philosophy is that children learn through play, which enables them to view learning as a "fun" experience. Problem solving, sensory experiences and imitative play are hands-on ways that are most effective in teaching preschoolers.

Our 4 year old and Transitional Kindergarten programs utilize "Handwriting without Tears" curriculum which prepares them for Kindergarten.

Preschool Programs

2 year old - 2 day program (Monday/Wednesday)

2 year old -2 day program (Tuesday/Thursday)

3 year old - 4 day program (Monday-Thursday)

4 year old -4 day program (Monday-Thursday)

Transitional Kindergarten - 4 day program (Monday- Thursday)

The classes are formed according to the age of the child as of September 1st of each year This is the same cutoff date as most public schools in our area.

Hours of Operation

The preschool opens the first Wednesday after Labor Day. The preschool operates four days a week (Monday-Thursday) from 9:00am until 12:30pm. The Transitional Kindergarten class ends at 1:00pm. The school calendar closely follows that of the Fort Mill-York County School District.

Dismissal Times

2 yr old - 12:00pm

3 yr old - 12:15pm

4 yr old - 12:30pm

Transitional Kindergarten - 1:00pm

2022-23 School Year Pricing below:

Non-Refundable Registration Fee (per child)

New: $150.00 Returning: $140.00 TK: $160.00

Activity Fees (paid twice per year)

2 yr old $75 ($150.00 Total)

2 yr old 4 day week $100 ($200.00 Total)

3 yr old $95 ($190.00 Total)

4 yr old $105 ($210.00 Total)

Transitional Kindergarten $115.00 ($230.00 Total)

Monthly Tuition

2 yr old - 2 days/week $265

2 yr old - 4 days/week $500

3 yr old - 4 days/week $320

4 yr old - 4 days/week $330

Transitional Kindergarten - 4 days week $340

School Activities

The students will attend weekly Chapel, Music, Leaps & Bounds (physical activity class) and Spanish. We have special events for the parents to attend and we bring field trips to the school.

After School Activities

Offered to our 3 and 4 year old preschoolers on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30-1:00pm $8.00 fee per class.

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